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Patient Information

Ultimately, the Atlanta TMD Institute’s aim is to help patients restore their sense of well being. This aim goes beyond just treating pain and making appliances that we put into patient's mouths. We are here for you, all of you.

The Institute treats TMD patients with Dr. Mark Allan Padolsky being the senior clinician. You can review his Curiculum Vitae (CV) by clicking on the CV link.

First Visit

The first step for all Atlanta TMD Institute patients is to begin with a Temporomandibular Disorder Consultation. This visit lasts about one hour. The consultation and limited screening examination will help determine your particular needs and thereby provide an estimate of treatment time and costs. It is always best to bring a spouse, parent or significant other so that you do not need to go home and repeat everything that was previously said at your consultation to someone else.

Continuing TMD Care

TMD cases usually take six (6) months to heal.  After three months most patients only need to visit once per month. However, three or four visits are typically needed for the first month of treatment. Visits are about an hour in length. If you are from a long distance away, it is important to let your treatment coordinator know so that some visits can combined to reduce the number of times you have to visit.