For Professionals

The Atlanta TMD Institute has several purposes. Depending on your professional needs, the Institute can help you in many different ways.


The Atlanta TMD Institute offers Academy of General Dentistry accredited courses to dentists and dental auxiliaries to help dental professionals become more confident in caring for TMD patients and to receive recognition for their commitment to professional learning. Our three primary courses are:

1.) TMD: The Basics,

2.) TMD: Etiology – TMD, Airway, Sleep and More (spring 2021) and

3.) TMD: Intermediate Concepts (offered in the fall 2021).

The Institute also offers a TMD Case Review Service ( a per patient fee applies ) to support new TMD clinicians in being comfortable caring for cases in which they have the basic knowledge but for which they are not comfortable treating alone.

The Atlanta TMD Institute treats TMD patients and welcome referrals. This also provides a safety back up for new clinicians who feel that a particular TMD case is becoming more involved than originally perceived. Of course, you can also choose to just send your TMD patients to the Institute rather than caring for them yourself.

In late 2019, the Atlanta TMD Institute hopes to establish a paid TMD Residency with a significant stipend to the participant. However, the learning will be extensive and exhaustive.

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We also assist ENTs with patient management. You are free and encouraged to interact with Dr. Padolsky. It is an important purpose of the Atlanta TMD Institute to develop knowledge about TMD and it is essential to develop this knowledge in the other professionals, especially medicine.

Physical Therapy

It is often impossible to completely manage a TMD patient without the assistance of a skilled, caring and trained physical therapists. The Institute strongly believes in manual therapy and mobilization to restore the normal range of motion of the body, especially the cervical range of motion and mandibular range of motion. We plan on providing extensive courses in TMD physical therapy.

Dental Staff

We encourage dental staff to attend out courses with their dentists. Discounts for staff have been provided to help make it easier for dentists to bring their staff members.