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Online Comprehensive TMD Course

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This course is designed for licensed dentists to learn everything needed to begin treating Temporomandibular Disorder patients by reading and studying Dr. Padolsky's extensive TMD Textbook. There are currently over 25 chapters ranging from TMD appliance design to the Etiology of Temporomandibular Disorders. The course involves a commitment to read and study each chapter and then send a required report back to Dr. Padolsky for his review before progressing on to the next chapter. This course is free.

Some TMD basics are initially presented before the "Hands On" chapters are provided. The "theory" is actually presented after the clinician begins hands on care since this is when most clinicians are most interested in this information.

Live TMD Courses

The Atlanta TMD Institute also presents several traditional live courses that can supplement a clinician's knowledge in TMD. If you are interested in these courses, please visit our course offerings by clicking here. Please note that not all courses are taught every year and some are available only by request and interest.