TMD: The Basics Course

TMD: The Basics

Course Objectives

Attendees will be able:

  • to identify the signs and symptoms of TMD
    ● palpate the masticatory and some related head and neck muscles
    ● recognize the pain referral patterns of the masticatory muscles
    ● to perform a basic TMD examination
    ● to establish a TMD diagnosis
    ● to perform basic TMD case documentation
    ● fabricate and modify a simple TMD appliance
    ● manage a Six (6) Week TMD Program
    ● use dental insurance codes for the services offered

The course includes:

  • two (2) informed consent forms
    ● a basic TMD examination form
    ● a TMD progress form for basic TMD patients
    ● a Six (6) Week TMD Program Management Manual

All forms and manuals are provided in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) via email.