TMD: Intermediate Concepts

The TMD: Intermediate Concepts course introduces the dentist to two (2) workhorse TMD appliances: the Mandibular Orthopedic Repositioning Appliance (MORA) and the Modified Farrar Appliance. The theory supporting both of these appliances is presented so that the clinician can comfortably deliver, adjust and manage these two appliances.

The management of the MORA is very precise and detailed and failure to fully comprehend how the appliance works can lead to treatment failure and later unwillingness to treat these patients in need. Because of this fact, TMD:Intermediate Concepts is primarily a mechanical skills course with lots of "how to" and less "why". The more advanced "TMD: Etiology" Course reviews the "why" which opens the door to treating more advanced TMD cases.

Common TMD comorbid conditions are introduced and an extensive comprehensive TMD examination method is reviewed. The clinician should be able to manage most TMD patients that present in his or her dental office after mastering the presented information.

TMD: The Basics is a prerequisite. A clinician can take this course and then go back and take TMD: The Basics to complete his or her knowledge but this is usually not recommended and requires permission from the instructor.